Love Becomes

The first time I saw you, my heart whispered “that’s the one”

I have been thinking lately, about that once in a lifetime kind of love.

Does this love exist in real life or have we been reduced to reading about it in fictional books and watching sappy movies…

When was the last time we even picked a fictional romantic book and got lost in the pages; with the digital era of mobile phones stuck on our faces, who have we become, to loose our souls to such shallowness!

Do we marry our best friends or do we marry for our own selfish interests; getting too old, need kids, need of financial boost, pressure from relatives and friends.

Weddings have become a flashy affair,  big cars, out of this world decor, expensive rings and attires…you name it!

Dear lover,

Enjoy every step of life, enjoy being single and love yourself.  Pray for a good life partner, yes pray and pray hard.  “Wait for someone that makes you smile so hard that your cheeks hurt and loves you so much that you can feel it through their fingertips when they brush the hair out of your eyes and lean in to kiss you.”  i love this piece..

When God blesses you with your soulmate, pray even harder for your bond.  Enjoy dating, write each other little love notes, watch the stars together and make your wishes under the stars ( too many movies, I know I know ) but do it anyway.  Get a love jar leave each other little love notes, and even when going through the motions note it down, an upside down smiley face will do when you cant find the words.  Watch old flicks on a Saturday night. Go out for picnics.  Put effort on what works best for the two of you two and enjoy it. Pray together, pray hard.

When time comes to walk down that isle, I pray you know for a certain that you have found the one.  A friend of mine told me that most people know the day of the wedding that they are making a huge mistake and they still do it anyway… “I mean we called all this people how can we cancel now” what a waste, such a pity.

Build your happily ever after, with prayer, love, trust, communication, friendship, the sweet little things, the spice and all the niceties that made you fall in love in the first place.

Yes we love beautiful weddings, and the beautiful love stories that make the wedding day enchantingly beautiful.  We want to be part of your love life and have a page or two in your book of love.



a love story
Ours is my favorite love story, my forever, je t’aime


je t'aime
My once in lifetime, my forever; I love you



Always and Forever,




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