Top Reasons To Have Your Destination Wedding in Mombasa

White sandy coastal beaches, friendly warm people, beautiful sunny weather, leafy palm trees; perfect ambience to exchange your forever vows with your soulmate.  We love weddings, we love destination weddings even more.

We love the magic that unfolds when everything falls into place on that special day.  It makes all the late nights, long days and endless phone calls planning process worth it.

The approval on the grooms face, a nod here a smile there, grooms only say so much.

The twinkle on the brides face and the obvious glow on her face.  Her dream as a little girl of her wedding day has come to reality.  Such sweet joy.

The lovely cheerful guests as they watch the events of the day unfold.  The whispers of the lovers; in awe of the bride taking her majestic walk down the aisle.

Old lovers reminiscing of their once special day, the young lovers thinking of their future special day; holding hands tightly and stealing sweet little kisses.

Aunties and uncles so proud that their girl and boy turned out good.  Grandparents dazzling in their expensive clothes.  Cousins giggling and exchanging cheeky looks.  It takes a village to raise a kid and this two villages did an awesomely fantastic job.

The photographers working with so much zeal to capture all the moments in a still photograph that the couple will show their children and grandchildren in their golden days.  The priest and his sermon that he has memorized over the years “for better or for worse…until death do us part.”

The beautiful reception; twinkle lights, scented flowers, delicious mouth watering food, hefty laughs, the first dance and the merry through out the night.  Before the new couple disappears in the crowd the big thank you and a warm hug from the bride…(my most favorite part of the day)

We love destination weddings and all the possibilities of creating a happily ever after miles away from home.  At Beautiful You events we create precious moments home away from home, anywhere in the world!


Madafu from Kenya
Madafu, local refreshing palm tree drink


fisherman's Boat Floating On The Still Indian Ocean
A fisherman’s Boat Floating On The Still Indian Ocean


Sandies Tropical Village Malindi
Sandies Tropical Village Malindi


Leopard Beach Resort
Leopard Beach Resort


Photo Credits: Leopard Beach Resort

Sandies Tropical Village

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  1. Beautiful work Olyvia, the joy of being your client is at the end of it all, the product is amazing. More Blessings to you.

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